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How to ship your guns to me.

The best method, saving the most money AND following the Laws and Rules!

First of all, you've made the decision to ship, that's the most important factor. I am a licensed FFL holder and it's legal for you to ship me any of your guns by yourself via common carrier. Now if it's an antique,1898 manufacture or older you can just use priority mail with the USPS w/ tracking number. That's cheapest. The Feds do not consider those to be guns, just hunks of metal, go figure? If it's 1899 manufactured or newer you will have to ship (handguns) via FedEx or UPS using next day shipping. That's both of their rules. I'm currently using USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail to return handguns as it's legal for me, less money for you and has tracking info/updates included. If YOU choose to ship from an FFL dealer he can ship with USPS also, again, much cheaper. For handguns please use a zippered, padded pistol rug for your gun and get a flat medium or large size box (free) from them. You want to keep it small and light, that's the goal. That's the best packing method for handguns. Simple, easy, safe, small and light. Please don't forget a note in with the gun with your contact info and a list of what you want done and PLEASE e-mail me one final time stating that your shipping the gun and I'll save that e-mail to contact you back when your turn has come.

Remember also, no need to send money unless it's cut and dry what you're having me do like welding a hammer and an action job. I'll just e-mail you the total after I've printed your shipping label and your work is done so you can mail me a check, money order or whatever. I still do not take credit cards, sorry.

Ship to.....

Tom Sargis Jr.

Bozeman Trail (if you like, if you're worried, you can leave "Arms" off the label for "security")

28 Lake Dr.

Livingston MT., 59047