Some of my Cap and Ball percussion collection. The "original" Cowboy guns!

A flattened priming horn I made.

A couple of pics from a Cowboy match held down by Ennis, MT., a few years back...........right before the rain started!

Tommy III w/ his first Daisy Red Ryder (2009)                                              Remi (Remington) Anne w/ her Teddy (2009)

Bozeman Trail Arms, Mfg.

Back a few years ago when I was still enforcing the laws of Montana and Park County!

Revolutionary War period powderhorn I made for myself

My M1 Carbine collection mostly CMP guns                                                   My M1 Garand collection, mostly DCM and CMP guns

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Road sign describing the original "Bozeman Trail" history

Family, friends, favorite things, guns, etc...........

My L.E. patch collection started when I got into L.E. myself. All from either Cops/Feds I've met in training or from customers of mine that were in L.E. of some flavor. Always looking to add more........hint, hint..........

Another powderhorn in the French and Indian War style I made for myself.