My L.E. patch collection started when I got into L.E. myself. All from either Cops/Feds I've met in training or from customers of mine that were in L.E. of some flavor. Always looking to add more........hint, hint..........

Revolutionary War period powderhorn I made for myself

My M1 Carbine collection mostly CMP guns                                                   My M1 Garand collection, mostly DCM and CMP guns

Back a few years ago when I was still enforcing the laws of Montana and Park County!

Family, friends, favorite things, guns, etc...........

Bozeman Trail Arms, Mfg.

A flattened priming horn I made.

A couple of pics from a Cowboy match held down by Ennis, MT., a few years back...........right before the rain started!

Road sign describing the original "Bozeman Trail" history

Another powderhorn in the French and Indian War style I made for myself.

Tommy III w/ his first Daisy Red Ryder (2009)                                              Remi (Remington) Anne w/ her Teddy (2009)