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Bozeman Trail Arms, MFG.

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Livingston, MT, 59047

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Note ~ For those of you who e-mail me and ask questions (and no problem, I get a LOT of that, questions are welcomed) please remember that I delete all e-mail after responding as I get a ton of it. I average 50 +/- e-mails per day. So even if we've talked once or twice always remind me of who you are and what we discussed.

Please e-mail me direct via  as I just don't/can't/won't, will NOT answer the business phone number anymore unless it's a number I recognize. Too many people just asking for donations, student loan scammers, credit scammers, data service scammers, credit repair scammers, auto insurance scammers, ad infinitum. It's unreal. I believe the same people who have run the V.A. are now running the "National Do Not Call List".

You can always leave a voice mail and I might return that but e-mail is king.