Bozeman Trail Arms, Mfg.

My repro 1803 Harper's Ferry 54 cal. flint and her accoutrements, As Steve Garbe used to tell me, "Smokeless Powder is a passing fad!"

Copyright 1996 ~ 2021

Quality "Cowboy Action" Gunsmithing

Located in Montana Territory

Specializing in the Colt SAA "Peacemaker" and it's variants

Howdy......Thanks for stopping by. Whether broken and in need of repair or just slicking up to performance levels this is the place to send your Cowboy Action firearms. They'll be treated right here, they're all treated like they were my own. Colt SAA's of all generations and even the now defunct Colt Cowboy, all of the US or Italian made clones, cap and balls (love cap and balls!), and Ruger Vaqueros (and Blackhawks). Sometimes even Merwin and Hulberts. I'm no longer working on any firearms except Colt SAA's (and clones) in order to help speed up my turnaround time. All properly repaired and/or made to perform better, last longer without issues and just plain feel better. As writer John Taffin said, "I'll make 'em sing a sweet tune."

While they are my main focus, I'm extremely experienced not only in the "Old West" Cowboy type guns but also with the modern weapons of Military and Law Enforcement. I think it makes me well rounded. C'mon in and have a look around. Take a look at the Colt grip pictures, you might just like them and want a pair for your gun. Spruce it up AND make it feel better! Check out my gunsmithing services and very competitive pricing and learn a little about me and my work. Work that has been recommended by a lot of people, some big names too and for good reason. I do a very good job but with a heavy turnaround right now averaging  7 ~ 8 months.

My work has been mentioned in Shooting Times magazine, on-line GunBlast magazine, Shotgun News, Steve Garbe's "Blackpowder Cartridge News", Denis Prisbey's "Guns of the Old West", American Handgunner by John Taffin, Gun World magazine, and others. And of course many, many times by my good friend, writer Mike "Duke" Venturino in his articles and all of his books.

And of course it's worthy of mention, a large portion of my work comes from YOU, my repeat customers and your word of mouth to your fellow shooters and the folks you hang out with on the forums! 24 years and counting!!!! Thank you so much! And it wouldn't be right to not mention God and the blessings; the ability, skill, patience and knowledge he's given me!